Stairlift Installation & Repair

A stairlift can help you or your family member stay independent at home. At Rise Elevator, we install and repair stairlifts, so your home is still accessible despite disabilities or age-related aches and pains. Book a stairlift consultation to find out what will fit best in your space and which stairlift is best for your needs and budget. We’ll also carry out any necessary maintenance and repairs, so you can stay comfortable in your own home.

Stairlift Installation

People often worry that a stairlift will damage their staircase. However, this is often not the case. When installing a stairlift, we fit a rail to the stairs with rectangular plates using only a small screw in each corner. This causes minimal impact to your stairs while ensuring the stairlift is safe to use. 

If your stairs are narrow or curved, you may still be able to get a stairlift fitted. We recommend booking a stairlift installation consultation, so we can come to your home and measure the area. A curved lift may be more expensive due to the need for surveying and unique design to match your specifications. We will go through our recommendations for your space and help find the best stairlift solution to suit your budget. 

When it comes to stairlift installation, safety is our highest priority so each customer is risk-assessed and each site checked for compliance.

Stairlift Repair

A broken stairlift is more than just an inconvenience, it can result in a resident losing access to a whole area of the home. We recognise the importance of diagnosing and fixing any issues with your stairlift as soon as possible, that’s why we offer a full range of stairlift repair services. To book a stairlift repair, fill in the form below or alternatively give us a call on 0191 691 1815 and we’ll see what we can do.

Book a Stairlift Consultation

Whether you already have a stairlift or have recently found yourself requiring help on the stairs, book a stairlift consultation and we will come to visit you in your home. We’re here to help you find the right stairlift to suit your circumstances. 

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