Lift Audits

For many businesses, lift audits are another task on their long list of things to do. However, getting regular lift audits is paramount to maintain optimum safety for your staff, visitors and customers. Who better to audit your lift than an NHS appointed lift auditor? That’s us! 

What is a Lift Audit?

A lift audit is required to ensure the lift is fully compliant within the industry standards. A regulated lift auditor will carry out a number of tests to make sure the lift is being fully maintained and repaired correctly between audits. 

At the lift audit, our auditor can be joined by the ‘lift owner’ or ‘duty holder’, sometimes known as the ‘appointed person’, who oversees the audit. The auditor will confirm this person has met the needs with regards to paperwork, monitor lift repairs and autodialler monitoring checks, etc.

Auditing ensures that the lift is in full compliance with the standards, that the lift is being fully maintained and repaired correctly, that the lift meets the customers/users needs and ensures that potential upgrades to meet new standards are identified.

We’re also qualified to carry out LOLER Thorough Examinations when required at the lift installation and at set intervals throughout the lifts life span.

Difference Between a Lift Audit & LOLER Thorough Examination

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) covers Thorough Examinations required by law to reduce the risk of accidents and improve all-round health and safety for lift users.

A LOLER Thorough Examination is a legal requirement for all duty holders every six month (or 12 months for goods lifts). Whereas, a lift audit is likely an internal company policy to maintain certain operational and safety standards.

For example, we regularly carry out lift audits for the NHS. These audits do not negate the need for six-monthly LOLER Thorough Inspections.

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