LOLER Inspection

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) covers Thorough Examinations required by law to reduce the risk of accidents and improve all-round health and safety for lift users.
Duty holders are responsible for ensuring lifts are examined to LOLER standards every six months (or 12 months for good lifts.) This applies irrespective of whether the lifting equipment is owned by the organisation or not. It is the duty of employers to ensure staff and public safety is the utmost priority at all time, that’s why LOLER is in place for all UK businesses.

Who Can Carry Out a LOLER Inspection?

LOLER Regulations dictate that a competent qualified person much carry out all inspections. At Rise Elevator, we are fully-qualified lift engineers. As well as installing and maintaining lifts, we can also carry out your six or 12-monthly LOLER inspection. 

If we identify any faults or defects, we have the skills and equipment to remedy the issue promptly. We also keep accurate documentation, so your lift is always compliant with LOLER.

LOLER is not to be confused with your annual, bi-monthly or even your monthly maintenance inspection. Typically, LOLER is carried out by an independent professional – not your Lift Maintenance Engineer.

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